New UK High Accuracy Tracking Service

A positioning system, which locates vehicles and other valuable assets, is launched this week by HD Positions. The highly innovative and unique solution, which works across the UK, with coverage inside buildings and containers, uses CPS's Matrix technology and is based on the Orange UK network.

Matrix technology is available from HD Positions. In response to increasing demand from the growing number of location based service providers, for a low cost, robust and easy to implement positioning solution, HD Positions supplies the interface to Matrix, and facilitates related Machine to Machine services, including network connectivity, billing and support.

One of the first complete solutions to use the Matrix system is the "Boomerang Box" - a robustly constructed device, combining low installation cost and a two year battery life. This is one of the first devices to address a wide range of potential applications including the tracking of trailers, cars, motorcycles, caravans, and many other valuable assets.

The first end user of the service is the Altrincham based Cartwright group. The company plans to install Matrix enabled Boomerang Boxes in their vehicles to meet customer demand for tracking and vehicle recovery. Last year, over 4, 000 trailers were stolen across the UK, with associated goods taken totalling more than GBP1bn. Cartwright is a customer of Retreve a leading solution provider of telematic systems.

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