The Bagle Trojan-Worm Combination Strikes Again

PandaLabs has reported the distribution of a new Trojan-worm combination, directed by a variant of Bagle (detected by Panda Software as Bagle.FU).

This new threat is just the latest of many attempts to distribute variants of Bagle through combined attacks, using first a worm and then a Trojan. Both of these threats have, over the last few hours, caused numerous incidents, reported and blocked by TruPrevent Technologies, in computers around the world. These technologies have kept users' systems out of the reach of these threats from the outset.

The attack begins with the distribution, in a series of emails, of the worm components of Bagle.FU, compressed in files with names like,, or, among others. When these files are opened and run, they install the Trojan which automatically tries to download a file from a long list of URLs. They also open an image of the Windows logo as other threats have previously done.

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