PowerPoint Presentations Get a Makeover

PowerPoint presenters and their audiences are in for a surprise. Serious Magic, Inc. has introduced Ovation, companion software for Microsoft PowerPoint that lets users transform PowerPoint slides into highly-polished, professional presentations. The software adds visually-exciting, broadcast-quality graphical enhancements to PowerPoint slides and includes special features - such as a teleprompter and timer - to help presenters stay on-point and on-time.

How it Works:
Ovation lets users add professional polish to their presentations without having to learn complicated new software. It also reduces the number of hours users spend building an appealing PowerPoint presentation. Users still create presentations in PowerPoint as usual then they simply drop their PowerPoint file onto Ovation's desktop icon. Ovation's powerful, real-time 3D visualization engine then adds subtle motion backgrounds, high-resolution text, and dynamic TV-quality transitions to flat, low resolution PowerPoint slides, turning them into a sophisticated and enjoyable presentation.

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