MasterPlex QT Software for the Luminex 200 Platform

At the American Society of Cell Biology Conference, MiraiBio, a division of Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd. announced the release of MasterPlex QT v2.5 quantitation software for advanced statistical analysis of multiplexed data generated on the Luminex 200 liquid array detection system.

MasterPlex QT software delivers powerful support for large scale inter and intra-plate multiplexed data analysis. Multiple charting capabilities to visualize and compare data include multi-sample charts, 3-dimensional depth charts, and intensity maps. This software package also provides the ability to generate weighted four and five parameter logistics standard curves, dose-response curves, and residual plots.

MasterPlex QT v2.5 enhanced functionality supports gene expression analysis of data produced using commercial assays, including QuantiGene Plex kits (GenoSpectra), automatic outlier detection based on standard deviation within a replicate group, and support for customizable reports. New operational functions such as "hot keys, " "copy and paste" as well as enhanced data representation including "replicate graphs with error bars" have been added for easy navigating through large data sets.

As an authorized software partner of Luminex Corporation, MiraiBio has developed MasterPlex software products for the analysis of data generated on Luminex 100, 200 and IS multiplex assay platforms. Additional products include MasterPlex CT software for integrated system control and assay data collection and MasterPlex GT genotype and haplotype downstream analysis software. The Luminex 100 and 200 systems are designed for immunoassay, nucleic acid, enzyme function, and receptor-ligand interaction research applications. The Luminex IS system is engineered for in-vitro diagnostic applications in clinical laboratories.

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