Data Return Launches Infinistructure Next-Generation Utility Computing Platform

Data Return today unveiled its next-generation utility computing platform. Infinistructure is the first utility-enabled managed services platform with the ability to dynamically move running applications across physical servers transparently, maximizing performance and availability. The platform provides a breakthrough on-demand infrastructure for running business-critical applications with unprecedented flexibility and economy.

Previous utility computing efforts in the managed services industry have focused on form factor, maximizing data center density and minimizing deployment times with the use of blade servers. Infinistructure's software layer extends the concept of simple horizontal scalability to a comprehensive on-demand solution that takes advantage of new breakthroughs in secure virtualization technology. Infinistructure features the ability to move applications across physical infrastructure according to hardware load and performance, and dynamic utility provisioning and billing for processor, memory, storage and bandwidth.

Data Return also announced an agreement to provide services on the
Infinistructure platform to Opinionsite.

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