RFID Inventory Control Software Now Available for QuickBooks

IntelliTrack, Inc. announced today the release of "IntelliTrack for QuickBooks, " a new family of products that interface with Intuit's QuickBooks. IntelliTrack for QuickBooks offers large-business inventory management features to small and medium-size businesses at a fraction of the cost.

The IntelliTrack for QuickBooks solution combines the power and features of IntelliTrack and Intuit's QuickBooks. The new family of products provide complete inventory control systems that perform essential warehousing functions such as paperless picking, paperless receiving, mobile inventory, physical counts, cycle counts, barcode and RFID support and mobile computing. "We have been contacted by many small to medium size businesses that use QuickBooks and have requested barcode inventory control software. This product fills a gap in the marketplace by providing advanced features at a very affordable cost, " said Jay Steinmetz, president of Barcoding Inc., a Baltimore-based systems integrator.

"Accounting systems monitor inventory value, but provide no floor tools for the warehouse operator. Our new IntelliTrack software integrates fully with QuickBooks. We have combined our warehouse management system with an accounting system to provide a complete, effective inventory and order fulfillment solution, " said James Budniakiewicz, president of IntelliTrack. "Using QuickBooks with IntelliTrack products such as Warehouse Management System or Inventory, Shipping, Receiving and Picking is an easy way to add barcode scanning, barcode printing, inventory control and wireless mobility."

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