Grove GMK6400 erects two Potain MDT 319 cranes for waterfront Porta del Mare development in Italy



Grove GMK6400 erects two Potain MDT 319 cranes for waterfront Porta del Mare development in Italy

– Contractor R.C.M. Costruzioni S.r.l. has deployed two Potain MDT 319 top slewing cranes for the Porta del Mare residential and commercial development, overlooking the Gulf of Salerno mid-way between Italy’s famous Amalfi Coast and Cilento Coast — both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
– The tower cranes were quick and easy to erect using a Grove GMK6400 with self-rigging MegaWingLift, which increases the six-axle all-terrain crane’s best-in-class capacity by a further 70%.
– Featuring the Manitowoc Crane Control System and CraneSTAR Diag access, the MDT 319 cranes will increase speed, precision and uptime for greater productivity and profitability throughout the life of the project.

Two Potain MDT 319 top slewing cranes have been commissioned to work on the Porta del Mare project in Salerno, Italy.

The 44, 000 m2 development will provide a new neighborhood in the city of Salerno by redeveloping a neglected, yet prestigious, area a short walk from Marina d’Arechi Port Village on the Amalfi Coast.

The project will consist of 183 apartments across three residential towers, five commercial units, 125 garages, a parking lot with space for 800 cars, and a restaurant. The area will be surrounded by landscaped gardens, including a playground, with typical Mediterranean plants, such as olive, myrtle and broom.

The two MDT 319 cranes — one 70 m and one 80 m high — were purchased by contractor R.C.M. Costruzioni directly from Manitowoc, with local area service center EDILCOM providing the assembly and aftersales support. They were assembled at the end of May using a Grove GMK6400, owned by Pergamo Sollevamenti. It took only five days to assemble each crane.

The cranes will work on site for approximately three years, after which they will also be disassembled by the GMK6400.

Productivity-enhancing tech

R.C.M. Costruzioni chose the MDT 319 cranes for their quick and easy set up and integrated maintenance. This presents an opportunity for the company to increase the productivity and profitability of the entire operation.

Using the Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS) — which measures and controls all crane movements and structural stresses in real time — it takes just 15 minutes to configure the cranes and calibrate the sensors for crane movement, as well as set the trolley limit switch and jib length. The cranes will then automatically know their stopping points, helping the operator to work quickly and accurately.

The control system for tower cranes also acts as a maintenance tool, allowing the operator to monitor the condition of the cranes from a screen in the cab. R.C.M. Costruzioni purchased the two MDT 319 models with CraneSTAR Diag, the most extensive OEM-produced crane asset management system available today.

CraneSTAR Diag enables the CCS data to be accessed and diagnostics to be carried out remotely and in real time from anywhere in the world. Fleet managers can monitor locations and working conditions, and plan maintenance and lifting schedules to maximize efficiency and uptime.

The best in the business

When it came to erect the two MDT 319 top slewing cranes, the award-winning Grove GMK6400 all-terrain crane was the perfect machine for the job. The tower cranes’ counter jibs, slewing units and jibs weighed in at 5.9 t, 7.49 t and 11.2 t respectively, and the GMK6400 lifted them with ease.

The GMK6400 has the best lifting capacity of any six-axle crane, combined with small outrigger dimensions and fast set-up times. It is often used in place of a seven or eight-axle crane, which helps to save time, money and effort.

The 400-t capacity machine has a 60 m main boom and up to 79 m of luffing jib available, giving it a maximum possible tip height of 136 m and the ability to handle loads out to a maximum radius of 96 m. When combined with the patented self-rigging MegaWingLift, the crane’s capacity on the main boom is increased by 70% and by up to 400% when using a luffing jib.

Combined, the easy set-up of the Potain MDT 319 and Grove GMK6400 have enabled R.C.M. Costruzioni to save erection costs and get on with the job quicker for a greater return on investment. This demonstrates the true power of Manitowoc.

Visit the Manitowoc website to learn more about the Potain MDT 319 top slewing tower crane with CraneSTAR Diag or the Grove GMK6400 all-terrain crane.


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