Safety and Sustainability Considerations for Suspended Ceiling Systems

Safety and Sustainability Considerations for Suspended Ceiling Systems

22 January 2019

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Photo: Rockfon Sonar® and Chicago Metallic® 4000 Tempra™ 9/16" enhance this secluded conference room in Aercoustics

Selecting ceiling suspension systems is based on the strength of components, ease of installation and aesthetics, as well as safety and sustainability. Drawing from more than 30 years of industry experience, Rockfon’s architectural sales manager in Ontario, Isabelle Champagne, CTR, details the history of ceiling grid systems, their selection criteria and project examples from Canada.

Please click here to download a copy of Construction Canada’s article, “Considerations for Suspended Ceiling Systems.”

Safety considerations

Suspended ceiling systems affect nearly every commercial interior space and several exterior applications. These non-structural components play an important role in safety. In the unlikely event of a fire or earthquake, they can add valuable extra time for safe egress and can reduce property damage.

To help protect people and property during seismic events, Isabelle’s article shares explains key requirements from the most current National Building Code of Canada issued in 2015.


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Photo: Rockfon® Planostile™ Lay-in perforated panels and matching Rockfon® Infinity™ perimter trim give this island installation a modern edge

Real-word applications

Beyond building codes and safety, ceiling suspension systems contribute to the desired look and experience of the finished ceiling. Using stone wool and metal ceiling panels, suspended ceiling systems help achieve a project’s goals for acoustic performance, light reflectance and sustainability.

The Construction Canada article shared two examples from Ontario:

• Aercoustics Engineering offices in Mississauga, which transformed a former warehouse space into a modern, acoustically comfortable, brightly lit office
• James Michael Flaherty Building in Ottawa, which provided met this new federal building’s requirements for comfort, safety, durability and sustainability including LEED Gold criteria

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