08 January 2018


Rockfon metal ceiling systems support LEED criteria

Author: Christian Kofod, Rockfon Sustainability Manager for North America

Photo: Bochsler Creative Services

Metal ceiling systems meet rigorous performance requirements for acoustics, wind loads, humidity, fire and earthquakes. In addition to their resiliency, Rockfon metal ceiling panels also contribute to sustainability goals, including U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® rating systems.

More Than a Credit

While the LEED rating systems are important indicators of a project’s sustainability, Rockfon not only can provide the necessary documentation, but also strives to go beyond credits in supporting projects’ sustainable requirements and green goals.

Environmental Product Declarations

EPDs for both aluminum and steel ceiling panels and specialty products are available for download for each metal ceiling product. Rockfon assisted in developing these industry-average EPDs as an active member of the Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA).

Raw Materials Sourcing

As part of the ROCKWOOL Group, Rockfon is committed to conducting itself ethically in everything that it does. With this in mind, the company’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers addresses topics such as equal opportunities, trade union recognition, fair employment terms and the abolition of child labor. This document is signed by all major suppliers – suppliers of raw materials and equipment for repair, maintenance, operations, etc. plus suppliers with which the company spends more than U.S. $117, 385 (EUR 100, 000). Furthermore, these major suppliers also are required to ensure their own suppliers meet the same standards.

The ROCKWOOL Group also has adopted the International Chamber of Commerce’s “Business Charter for Sustainable Development – Principles for Environmental Management.” This outlines 16 principles for environmental management that cover relevant aspects of health, safety and product stewardship.


Rockfon metal systems are made exclusively in the U.S.A. at our facilities in Chicago and Baltimore.

Recycled Content
Rockfon metal ceiling systems may contain up to 100 percent recycled material content and are 100 percent recyclable at the end of their useful life as a ceiling.

Material Type Total Recycled Content Pre-Consumer Content
Post-Consumer Content
Aluminum 100% 40% 60%
Steel 33% 7% 26%

Construction Waste Management

All metal waste can be recycled in existing recycling initiatives.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Rockfon metal ceilings have no reportable VOCs in the finished products. As low-emitting materials, these products support indoor air quality management plans.


With minimal maintenance, Rockfon metal ceiling systems have shown to deliver reliable performance for more than 25 years with some lasting 50 years and more.

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