BESSEY launches the next generation of the K Body REVO parallel clamp

BESSEY launches the next generation of the K Body REVO parallel clamp

The evolution of the BESSEY parallel clamp: REVO 2.0

Bietigheim-Bissingen, 07.11.2017 (PresseBox) - The well-established K Body REVO parallel clamp from BESSEY has been refreshed with added power and safety features. It clamps and expands workpieces with fragile surfaces in a powerful yet gentle manner. The range of sophisticated accessories ensures that there is a suitable solution for almost every application.

Powerful and safe:
With up to 8, 000 N of clamping force, the new K Body REVO parallel clamp has a powerful grip thanks to its metal-reinforced plastic housing and optimised sliding arm. The double slide protection holds the clamp reliably with the set clamping force and prevents any unintentional slipping of the sliding arm when in the unclamped position. In addition, the innovative K Body REVO parallel clamp design has an ergonomically shaped 2-component plastic handle with an internal hex. This enables you to apply the clamping force in a convenient manner with a maximum tightening torque of 17 Nm.

Precise and gentle:
Like its well-established predecessor, the new K Body REVO parallel clamp KRE is universally applicable - even behind and at the side of the profiled rail. This allows you to clamp in locations that conventional screw clamps are unable to reach. They can even get to grips with pointed and rounded surfaces. Craftsmen enjoy being able to adjust them to the precise setting for corners and stepped edges. The large clamping surfaces, which sit at right angles to the rail, have three removable and glue resistant protective caps. The two detachable workpiece supports can be shifted along the rail to elevate fragile wood surfaces from the rail surface. These prevent the grooved steel rail from making contact with the workpiece.

Fixed and variable:
The K Body REVO parallel clamp KRE is available in clamping widths ranging from 30 cm up to 2.5 m. From one metre clamping width on there is also a vario version available. The variable model, the Vario K Body parallel clamp KREV, is equipped with an infinitely adjustable upper part that can be moved at the press of a button. When it is positioned in the centre of the workpiece, the weight can be well distributed. A tilting of the workpiece can be avoided. Irrespective of whether you choose the variant with the fixed or variable head, both models are equipped with an end stop that can be removed without the need for tools. As a result, removing the sliding arm from the rail and repositioning it for an extension application is very straightforward.

Versatile and well thought out:
The new K Body REVO parallel clamps KRE and KREV are part of a broader clamping concept. The clever accessories are compatible with both the older and newer generation of clamps and pave the way for many other potential applications. For example, by using the KBX extension, two clamps can be cleverly combined in order to increase the clamping width up to a maximum of 5 m. For clamping at non-right angles, the KR-AS tilting adapter is available. It can be easily slid onto the clamping jaws and is infinitely adjustable within a tilting range of 30°. The REVO body clamp has a practical extra feature for clamping frames: the variable frame press KP. It consists of four 90° angles. It can be used to custom-adjust the clamping pressure by inserting two clamps per corner. Finally, the TK6 table clamps can be used to easily secure the clamps and their workpiece contact surfaces to a workbench.

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At BESSEY, we have a long tradition of producing such innovative, practical product solutions as this. Since the cold drawn steel plant was founded in Stuttgart in 1889, the Bietigheim-Bissingen based company continues to raise the bar in clamping and cutting technology. Currently offering more than 1, 600 products, BESSEY has a specific solution for practically every application. Our focus is on precision and durability, convenience and safety.

"To stop improving is to stop being good." This was the motto of company founder Max Bessey and it remains our guiding principle today -in all that we do and produce. This means that we are constantly developing new products and improving existing ones to make the user's life easier, on the basis of innovative ideas. Such innovations are worthwhile.


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