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The smallest platinum RTD

BondSens - Platinum Temperature Sensors are manufactured according to DIN EN 60751 and have an operating temperature range of -50 C to +150 C. The miniaturized RTD is designed for automatic placement in high volume applications in DIE packages where long-term stability, a good thermal transfer, at low cost are important. This sensor is typically used in energy management and thermal compensation for consumer, industrial and medical devices. It features a very small size of 0.75mm x 0.75mm with very low drift and can be packaged and integrated with semiconductor devices, through ball-wedge or wedge-wedge Au-wire bonding.

Customized adaptations are available on request.

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG is one of the global leaders in micro system technology, services and solutions for industrial measurement applications. The company employs approx. 400 personnel across the globe.

IST AG is a manufacturer and partner for physical, chemical and biological sensors. Its product range contains thin-film platinum and nickel RTD temperature sensors, capacitive humidity sensors, thermal mass flow sensors, conductivity and biosensors. IST AG also manufactures a broad portfolio of calibrated humidity modules. Additionally, a highly qualified technical team offers consulting, development and production of challenging customer requests in the field of micro system technology.

The wide product range is the choice of many renowned end customers and OEMs in their fields. As a result, IST AG sensors are found in measuring instruments for various applications, such as HVAC, automation, appliance, medical, test and measurement, aerospace, bio measurement and process control and many more.

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