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Iberdrola activates an extraordinary plan for hospitals to guarantee and reinforce energy supply

Iberdrola, Spain's leading energy company, has ramped up its global efforts to beat COVID-19 with a dedicated service for hospitals in Spain to guarantee service continuity and quality. It is also working to ensure that new installations allocated to patient care have adequate power supply.

So far, the company has earmarked 268 public and private hospitals and health centres in areas where it operates as a supplier - 25 provinces in ten autonomous regions - where it is reviewing their power supply and backup resources and the correct functioning of digitalised installations.

To meet the needs of new facilities being set up for use as hospitals, Iberdrola has worked with the Health Departments of the autonomous regions and the 112 emergency services. It has given priority to increasing power in facilities used as field or temporary hospitals to care for patients, such as hotels and other public and private premises.

Iberdrola's distribution company, i-DE, has provided health services and public organisations with a priority telephone number which is available 24 hours a day for health centres and doctors to ensure optimal response to incidents. The company is also offering back-up generators, some of which have already been requested and installed. As well as these measures, a dedicated service for hospitals and health centres has also been created.

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