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ByggDialog reaches new heights with largest Potain topless tower crane

Following its launch at bauma 2019, the new Potain MDT 809 topless crane has now arrived at job sites across Europe. One such project is the extension of Skaraborgs hospital in Skövde, around 170 km northeast of Gothenburg in Sweden. Contractor ByggDialog is using the MDT 809 to erect the concrete structure with a 55 m jib and 37.4 m height under hook on fixing angles. "This is a challenging project that involves lifting heavy elements over long distances," said Jan Heed, managing director of Lambertsson Kran, the local distributor supplying the crane. "With its large capacity, we knew the MDT 809 was the crane for our customer."

Easy transportation and installation

In addition to its large capacity, the MDT 809 is simple to transport and install, thanks to the Potain topless concept. Different winch options give the crane a maximum available capacity of 25 t, 32 t or 40 t. The crane can be transported in either 10 or 11 containers, which is four to five fewer than usually required for a crane of this size.

The MDT 809 can also be assembled twice as fast as other 40 t cranes and requires less space. With the full complement of jib, the MDT 809 can be assembled at a working height of 50 m in less than three days. There are dedicated slinging points on the crane to aid on-site assembly and jib sections can be assembled either on the ground or in the air.

Outstanding service support

"It is reassuring for our customers to know that if there is ever an issue, we together with the team at Manitowoc are quick to help solve it and avoid any unnecessary delays to the project," Heed said.

ByggDialog has rented the MDT 809 from Lambertsson Kran. The 25 t crane was installed in October 2019 and will be moved to the next job on the site this summer, where it will operate until spring 2021.

Lambertsson has been a distributor of Potain cranes since 1980. In total the rental company has a field population of around 200 Potain cranes working in Sweden and an additional 150 in Norway. The fleet includes both Potain self-erecting cranes and top slewing cranes. For this long- term partner company, the most important factor for business success remains the aftersales support provided by Manitowoc.

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