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Winkler Crane upgrades to National NTC55L for better versatility

Winkler Crane, a Truro, Massachusetts-based crane contracting company, needed an efficient, versatile crane that was able to provide excellent performance on a wide range of applications. With business booming, the company had to quickly replace its previous boom truck, which had been damaged during a traffic accident. Rather than replace it with the same model, Winkler Crane decided to upgrade the fleet with a higher capacity, longer reach machine. The National Crane NTC55L boom truck was a perfect fit for the company's needs.

"We are very happy with our NTC55L boom truck," said Mike Winkler, owner of Winkler Crane. "Our job sites are all very different, from commercial jobs such as lifting iron beams at construction sites to residential jobs such as lifting and placing a hot tub. We have quickly found that the added boom length combined with the capacity at radius and the new outrigger configuration enables us to complete nearly any job."

Winkler said that the new crane has been used in numerous jobs over the last few months, including the removal of tree debris from houses and moving boats back to a local boat yard after a tornado hit Cape Cod in July.

The crane contracting company worked with its dealer, New England-based Wood's CRW, to find a new crane.

"Wood's CRW does a great job of keeping us up to date with the latest models, as well as changes and new products in the industry," Winkler said. "We're glad we had the NTC55L boom truck for certain jobs over the last few months because some of the improvements to this model helped us complete lifts that we were not capable of previously."

Featuring a 55 USt capacity and 151 ft boom, the NTC55L can maneuver into the tight working quarters typically reserved for a truck crane, but it has the added comfort and roadability of a boom truck, which increases efficiency and versatility. The key to the NTC55L's versatility is its ability to set up with a reduced 20 ft outrigger span typically found on truck cranes. This combination provides the best of both worlds, with smooth and solid truck crane-like operation while maintaining the comfort and flexibility that mounting on commercial chassis allows.

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