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FCC Construcción joins the #aliadosdelosODS campaign

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the approval of the 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), FCC Construcción joins the #aliadosdelosODS campaign to work on the dissemination of these United Nations Objectives, in collaboration with the Spanish Network of the Global Compact, initiative to which it belongs. The objective is to contribute to, from their own commitment to action with the SDGs, to act as a speaker and achieve a multiplier effect so that they know and work.

On March 23, 2005, FCC Construcción joined the UN Global Compact initiative, the world's largest sustainability initiative. Since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda in 2015, in addition to its commitment to promote the Ten Principles, it has worked to align its corporate management with the SDGs, where it finds new business opportunities, improves the relationship with its stakeholders and promotes innovation.

In this sense, FCC Construcción has established a series of commitments and good practices aligned with its strategy. These include the linking of the organization's 2017-2020 Management objectives to the SDGs, the CEO's commitment, as shown in the public declaration of the Progress Report for the United Nations and the dissemination and training of employees in the field of ODS, through the training pill "FCC Construcción and its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals".

The #aliadosdelosODS initiative is articulated as a communication campaign coordinated by the Spanish Global Compact Network. It is launched coinciding with the fourth anniversary of the approval of the 2030 Agenda on September 25, 2015, while the United Nations celebrates a major international event to review the achievements of these four years and launch new initiatives.

With this type of action, the Spanish Network of the Global Compact and its member organizations also seek to contribute to the country objective established by the High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda under the Presidency of the Government, that all citizens know the SDGs in the 2020 year.

Boosting the contribution of companies to sustainable development
Four years ago the United Nations General Assembly approved the 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), unanimously from the 193 participating States, including Spain. "Do not leave anyone behind" is the axis of the agreement. The SDGs propose ending poverty and hunger, reducing inequalities and addressing urgent challenges such as climate change.

In order to achieve such an ambitious agenda, the necessary participation of all was agreed: governments, companies, civil society and citizens from all over the world. Its strength comes from the universal character of the agreement and the ambition of its 169 goals. Achieving them requires an unprecedented effort, by all sectors of society; and companies have a very important role to play in this purpose. Achieving the SDGs requires combining the thrust of the public sector, companies, investors and civil society.

For the first time, the United Nations recognizes companies as a fundamental agent for the achievement of its Global Objectives: "Private business, investment and innovation are the main drivers of productivity, inclusive economic growth and job creation ... We urge all companies to use innovation and their creativity, to solve problems related to sustainable development ", they have declared from the international organization.

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