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Geolocation technology with smart window AC units

As temperatures climb, new smart technology from GE Appliances, a Haier company, rolls out as the industry's first and only WiFi-enabled window air conditioning (AC) units with geolocation capabilities. By connecting the window AC unit to the GE Comfort app, users can enable real-time adjustments to the temperature before they ever get home, creating energy savings and peace of mind. When activated, the location assist feature uses the phone's location to determine if homeowners are away from home and then automatically adjusts the temperature setting to maximize overall comfort and efficiency. Then, as homeowners return, the AC automatically transitions to the ideal preset temperature, quickly cooling the space when someone will be there to enjoy it.

Additionally, weather integration is built into the app to keep users informed and in control of their home temperature, no matter where they are. Through the GE Comfort app, users can also create a cooling schedule, monitor and control multiple air conditioners from the control of their fingertips, choose cooling modes and receive reminders to clean or change filters.

"Schedules can change day to day and even hour to hour, especially during the busy summer months," said Brian Buente, executive director retail and ductless AC for GE Appliances. "Wouldn't it be nice to know your home will be the ideal temperature when you get there, no matter what time it is? And have the peace of mind to know it hasn't been running all day while no one was home? This new technology puts control at your own fingertips."

GE smart window air conditioners are the first to be compatible with Apple HomeKit and feature convenient voice control via Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Delivering 8,000 to 24,000 BTUs to cool medium- to large-sized rooms, the ENERGY STAR -compliant units provide premium cooling and optimized energy usage that homeowners can track via real-time energy reporting.

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