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FCC completes Line 2 of the Panama Metro

The construction area of the FCC Group has completed the project of line 2 of the Panama metro. This afternoon will be the opening ceremony of the aforementioned Panamanian line.

The contract has included design engineering, civil works, auxiliary installations and stations, supply and installation of the integral rail system (including rolling stock), as well as the start-up of the line. It has also included the construction of a patio area for parking and cleaning trains, as well as a workshop area for preventive and corrective maintenance.

The line has a length of 21 kilometers of elevated track and consists of 16 stations with wide decks, achieving greater coverage and protection in the rainy season. In addition, they contain aluminum panels and polycarbonate skylights that will function as energy savers, thanks to the use of natural lighting. It is a safe project, since it has special surveillance procedures throughout its journey, implementing automatic control systems.

FCC Construcción executed the first line of the Central American subway, currently developing the interconnection branch of line 2 of the Panama subway to the Tocumen international airport.

Line 1 and line 2 will be connected by the construction of a transport interchange in San Miguelito.

Social infrastructure
The project, developed by FCC Construcción, is a true example of social infrastructure. During its construction more than 6,000 workers participated, of which more than 70% were residents in the communities surrounding the work. More than 98 communities and 48 educational centers posted throughout the project have been benefited by the project, thus improving the quality of life of more than 500,000 people in the eastern part of Panama.

The infrastructure has been designed for the transport of more than 16,000 passengers per hour and direction, with a travel period of 35 minutes. It is designed for a maximum future capacity of 40,000 passengers during peak hours and adapted for people with reduced capacity.

A milestone to highlight during the project was the partial opening of Metro Line 2 for the World Youth Days (WYD), held in January. During WYD, more than 150,000 kilometers were traveled, with a network availability of 99.99% for all pilgrims and Panamanians. Throughout the celebration of the event, use was made of all available trains: 26 on line 1 and 12 on line 2. In 1, 2, 054, 400 passengers were transferred, and in 2, more than 579,000 passengers, which means a mobilization of more than 100,000 passengers per day.

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