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New Strenx 1100 Plus structural steel for lifting and advanced structures

SSAB is launching new Strenx 1100 Plus strip steel, which is a hot-rolled, high-strength steel that possesses unique weld properties and delivers outstanding welding and bending performance. Advances in improved weld seam strength for strip steel contribute to lighter, yet stronger equipment with increased performance in the lifting and transportation sectors. Traditionally, weld seams can represent weak links in the highest grades of structural steels. But with Strenx 1100 Plus, such weld weaknesses are virtually eliminated because the strength, elongation and impact toughness properties of the welded area meet the minimum guarantees of the base material.

The optimal combination of strength and toughness of the welded and heat-affected area offers a major benefit to the design engineering process: the design can be based on the same minimum static strength for the entire application, depending on the design rules.

"We're thrilled to be introducing Strenx 1100 Plus to the booming APAC region and beyond," says Magnus Carlsson, Strenx product manager at SSAB. "Bauma China will be the first international debut for this product, which we believe simply can't be beat on the market today for any high-performance applications that can benefit from matching strength in the welds. We look forward to continuing to serve markets that quickly develop in advanced designs and technology, such as China and other countries in Asia, and to apply SSAB's innovations in steel technology to the challenges facing the lifting and transportation sectors."

Strenx 1100 Plus is ideal for lifting equipment, such as cranes, as well as lighter transportation solutions and advanced structures that require matching strength in the welds. It actually has higher strength than in the Strenx 1100 base material. This translates into cranes that reach higher, trailers that carry more payload, and trucks that use less fuel and emit less CO2.

Strenx 1100 Plus benefits in the workshop:
- An exceptionally clean steel and a precisely controlled production process mean consistently high quality and predictable results
- Guaranteed flatness, thickness, bendability
- Tight tolerances, guaranteed
- Welding can be done at room temperature (based on CTS tests according to ISO 17642-2:2005)
- Optimal combination of strength and toughness in welded area and heat affected zone

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