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Beswick fixed diameter restrictors

Fixed diameter restrictors are a simple method to control the flow rate of gas or liquid. They are relatively inexpensive. The diameter of the hole through the restrictor cannot be adjusted by the user. This makes them tamper resistant. An advantage when your customers, curious like a cat, have a propensity to tinker with your carefully adjusted metering valve settings. Beswick offers restrictors in 9 different body styles (coincidentally cats are said to have 9 lives) and 51 different micro-drilled hole diameters. If greater precision is required, Beswick offers 50 different hole sizes manufactured in precision, exceptionally stable, sapphire. The UNF threaded models incorporate the Beswick captured o-ring face seal insures leak-tight connections. It has become the industry standard.

Beswick restrictor fittings are manufactured in brass and corrosion resistant stainless steel. Each restrictor is laser marked with the orifice diameter for easy identification.

If you prefer a more sophisticated device to control flow Beswick makes fixed orifice (tamper resistant) flow controls, adjustable flow controls, adjustable needle valves, adjustable metering valves, and the crème de la crème (the cat's meow)…pressure compensate flow controls.

A filter is typically used with smaller restrictor diameters to prevent debris from plugging the tiny hole. Beswick offers many filter options. Filters can be selected with 5 micron, 20 micron, and 40 micron sintered bronze and sintered 316 Stainless steel elements as well as a 43 micron 316 stainless steel wire screen.

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