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Premium Office building technology for sophisticated office buildings

(Safe, attractive and comfortable work environment increases productivity. Digital natives have increased workplace expectations; building technology is crucial for the image of a building and its rentability. Significantly higher net operating results through superior rentability and lower energy and operating costs.) Under the name Premium Office, Siemens is introducing a modular solution of building technologies and services for distinctive office buildings. Premium Office leverages the digitalization of building technologies to transform office buildings into smart high-performance office landscapes. Premium Office offers facility managers, building owners and investors a competitive advantage in the office market and gives building users an attractive place to work.

A safe, attractive and comfortable work environment

The primary goal of building technology in office buildings is to create a safe, attractive and comfortable work environment. The indoor climate has a vital impact on employee productivity and concentration as well as health-related absence of employees. The satisfaction of building users and their motivation and company loyalty also depends on building technology that offers ease of use and smooth working conditions. Air conditioning, lighting, shading, presentation technology and access control systems must be convenient, personalized and easy to understand. To an increasing extent, operation is done via smartphones and apps.

Investing into the image of buildings

Conventional building technology is supplemented by new location-dependent applications linking building infrastructure with location-dependent data. This allows building users, including visitors, to find their way in office complexes, determine the location of coworkers in office environments without fixed workstations, or locate portable office equipment. Companies using such user-centered services are seen as forward-looking and attractive employers by digital natives. In most office environments, personnel costs account for approximately 90 percent of total costs. Investments in building technology that boost the motivation, productivity and creativity of employees are hence comparatively low-cost and offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

When employees have a positive perception of the office building where they work, this not only improves the image of their employers who lease space in the building but also boosts the reputation of the building itself. This results in better rentability, lower vacancy rates and higher rental returns. Another factor positively affecting a building's reputation among users and tenants is its sustainability. Many companies record their efforts to achieve energy- and resource-efficient building operations as part of their corporate reporting. Premium Office provides the necessary data for documentation purposes.

Significantly higher net operating results

Facility managers, building operators and investors using Premium Office benefit from services that save energy and operating costs and continuously optimize building performance. The analysis of static and dynamic data about building usage and operation yields measures that optimize energy consumption, control the need for maintenance and improve room efficiency. The cost reduction and revenue increase resulting from higher rentability through the use of Premium Office allow building owners and investors to achieve significantly higher net operating results.

Premium Office modular concept

Premium Office consists of a variety of modules, from fire safety and building security to energy-efficient building operation to data-based services. This also includes user-centered services linking building infrastructure and location- dependent data, as well as services designed to improve the building's cost efficiency, such as proactive maintenance and energy and sustainability consulting. The modules can combined as needed, depending on demand and budget. Siemens will gradually expand the range of services and apps in the coming years.

Premium Office is based on the Desigo CC integrated building management platform, the Desigo Room Automation system and the Siemens Remote Service Platform, which offers secure data transfer. Desigo CC can control, monitor and optimize all disciplines in a building from heating, ventilation and air conditioning to fire safety and security, as well as energy management, lighting and shading.

Desigo CC enables the seamless interplay of all building systems, including third- party components. The Desigo Room Automation system ensures a consistent room control strategy and the perfect interaction between heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading.

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