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BAM wins large scale city redevelopment project in Amsterdam

Royal BAM Group's area and property developer AM will acquire the former Bijlmer prison in Amsterdam from the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (the Central Government Real Estate Agency).

AM as leading partner in a consortium with AT Capital, Cairn and the designers OMA and LOLA Landscape will develop a new, low traffic district (Bajes Kwartier) with approximately 1,350 homes.

All new buildings will be completely energy-neutral and the houses will be extremely well insulated. Most of the energy needed will come from solar panels. In addition, wind energy comes from roof elements with built-in wind turbines. The organic waste from the district will be transformed into electricity. Warmth in winter and cooling in summer comes via heat pumps in the buildings. There are no connections to natural gas. Each house will have a hot water tap from a sustainable heating system.

Reuse of building materials
98 percent of the prison's building materials will be reused. Concrete and cement are broken with new techniques and reused. Old cell doors will be used to make a bridge. Even the bars will return as balcony fences.

The consortium will pay more than 84 million for the site.

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