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Hochtief and BAM Deutschland to refurbish and operate future Berlin base of Federal Ministry of Health

The Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA) contracted Hochtief and BAM Deutschland to refurbish a heritage-listed building ensemble in the Berlin-Mitte district: In a public-private partnership (PPP), the two companies will also provide maintenance and operation for a period of 25 years after completion. The future user of one of the buildings will be the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG). The joint venture partners each have a share of 50 percent. The refurbishment works will start before the end of this year. The new office base of the Ministry of Health is planned to be ready for operation by the end of 2020.

The PPP project "ÖPP-Projekt Mauerstraße in Berlin-Mitte" comprises two historic, currently vacant buildings at a prominent location. As the Berlin office base of the Ministry of Health, the so-called "Haus 1" at Mauerstrasse 29, with a gross floor area of a good 38,000 square meters, will undergo conversion and refurbishment. The Ministry of Health plans to bring together at this location all its work stations that are currently spread over a number of buildings in Berlin.

The "Haus 2" building at Mauerstrasse 27 with around 30,000 square meters of gross floor area will also be refurbished for other ministry users.

Both buildings served as headquarters of Deutsche Bank until 1945. In the post-war period, new architecture was placed on top due to wartime destruction, and the buildings were used by the Ministry of the Interior of the former GDR until 1989. Since 1990, the German Parliament and various federal administration units have used the buildings.

Hochtief and BAM Deutschland together provide planning and conversion of the buildings on the basis of a design by renowned architects KSP Juergen Engel Architekten (Braunschweig) and the technical building design by Arup Deutschland (Berlin). In this project, the companies are in close contact with the monument protection authority. The two future ministry locations also have to meet stringent requirements regarding building safety and operational safety.

In addition to the office space, Haus 1 will feature a new entrance area, a visitor center, a press and conference area and a cafeteria. Haus 2 will comprise, among others, a conference area in the former big counter hall. After completion of construction, the joint venture partners will be in charge of technical and infrastructural building management on behalf of BImA. Construction and operation of the representative, BNB certified building ensemble will be based on sustainable concepts and technologies.

Hochtief and BAM Deutschland will deliver modern properties that satisfy the demanding user requirements and meet top-level standards in terms of architectural quality, functionality, energy efficiency and monument conservation.

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