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Parrot develops its commercial drone offer with end-to-end solutions

Parrot is expanding in the commercial civil drone industry since 2012 via stakes and acquisitions in selected companies such as AIRINOV, MicaSense, Pix4D, senseFly as well as the creation of its specialized UAV service platform Air Support. The Group is combining a range of advanced and renowned solutions bringing high-value data and models meeting the needs of professionals in precision agriculture for farmers and agronomists; mapping and inspection for industries such as construction, real estate, architecture as well as GIS for humanitarian, environmental, mining and public services.

Parrot has identified commercial activities where its drones –proposed with a complete solution– are focused on providing efficiency and knowledge to save time, perform better and generate more revenue/business.

Parrot, which is covering the entire drone ecosystem (from drones to sensors, including piloting and data processing software, as well as recommendations and services) decided to extend its commercial offer with the creation of its Parrot Professional range dedicated to small and medium business.

Parrot Professional solutions are "end-to-end" tools, reliable and affordable. They are built on Parrot's consumer drones, which have already demonstrated their maneuverability, robustness and ease-of- piloting and incorporate precision sensors and software for SMEs and independents to use by themselves and start benefiting from the advanced capabilities developed for larger businesses.

• For construction and real estate, UAVs make it possible to survey, monitor and reach hard to access areas by capturing pictures, recording videos and generating 3D models.

Parrot has developed two "end-to-end" solutions:
o A thermal imaging solution, Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal, enabling inspection and thermal detection companies, roofers, plumbers, building workers, and also firefighters, to get thermal and radiometry information, live and/or in pictures.
o The second solution, Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling, is especially targeted at professionals including real-estate agents, architects, craftsmen and property insurance brokers… and enables them to easily create promotional videos or interactive 3D models, to build quotes of a building, to supervise a worksite and to print 3D models.

This first set of entry-level end-to-end professional UAV solutions highlights Parrot's commitment to the civil commercial drones market. With an extensive range covering both consumer and commercial drones' ecosystem (UAVs, sensors, software, services) and now "prosumer" systems, Parrot reaffirms its ambition to expand as a leading player on the civil drones market.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)
• 'End-to-end' solution for SMEs
o Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling: tool for measure and 3D modeling. It includes 1 Parrot Bebop 2 + 1 year license Pďx4Dmodel + 3 batteries + 1 backpack
o Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal: thermal imagery tool. It includes Parrot Bebop-Pro + 1 FLIR ONE Pro + Parrot Skycontroller 2 + Thermal app + 3 batteries + 1 backpack
• Commercial drones
o albris by senseFly: sensor-rich inspection and close mapping drone with the widest camera breadth of any civilian platform.
o eBee Plus by senseFly: large-coverage photogrammetric fixed-wing mapping drone featuring RTK/PPK upgradeability for survey-grade accuracy on demand.
• Software
o eMotion 3: senseFly's advanced ground station software, which makes flight planning and data management a breeze.
o Pix4Dcapture: the flight planning mobile app
o Pix4Dbim: to analyse, share and integrate as-built site data with BIM
o Pix4Dmodel: creation of 3D models from drone images
• Service
o Air Support: digital drone services provider with online data analytics toolset to deliver 3D modeling solutions for building, construction and real estate projects.

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