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Magnetic Shuttering System for Precast Concrete Elements Production

Magnetic Boxes by Ningbo Awesotech Magnetics are fixed by a push button on the shuttering. Advantages of the magnetic block locking system are for locking of shuttering profile for faster precast cast molding cycle. The magnetic blocks are selected according to lengths and height of shuttering profile. Magnetic blocks mostly consist of an external steel box, an integrated push button for activation and deactivation and an embedded permanent magnet. Strength of adherence /magnetic force varies from 450 to 2100 kg. The Magnetic boxes are device for assembling shutters or casting separators made of steel, wood and aluminium. Using different accessories, it is possible to fix any kind of small, medium or large size insert in an absolutely safe way. Designed for supporting side rails or blockouts, the Button Magnet is engaged to steel form by impacting the button with a dead blow Mallet. Disengagement of the magnet is achieved with the use of a button magnet Lifting Handle.

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