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Cities need to think of green urban solutions

Rainwater has great significance for the future planning of cities. This was the premise that was established at the well-attended event, 'The liquid revolution', held at Danish engineering company Ramboll in the beginning of October, where graduates landscape architects, leading international architects and experts discussed how to design cities to accommodate increasing rainfall.

There was a lively debate at the well-attended event, 'The liquid revolution', which was held in the beginning of October at Ramboll to mark 'Day of Architecture'.

The participants comprised 90 newly qualified landscape architects, leading international architects, engineers and experts, how the increasing amount of rainwater may affect future urban design and help create ownership and new cultural attitudes to water in cities.

"The event highlighted the importance of thinking of green urban solutions. The prevalence of water in urban environments means that we need many more green areas, but to really address this issue, we must look at stormwater management in a broad and balanced perspective and consider water as an element in cities on an equal footing with all other things that make up a city: roads, buildings, parks and sidewalks, " says Rikke Hedegaard Jeppesen, who is an architect at Ramboll.

Using architecture and public enthusiasm

She believes that it is important to consider the added value that architecture can contribute. As part of the Copenhagen Climate Change Adaptation Plan, Ramboll will draft a proposal to make room for water in basins under a road bridge, while in Istedgade there is debate around whether rainwater can be stored in tanks directly on the road.

According Rikke Hedegaard Jeppesen we are in the process of creating a culture around water. We see that many citizens and municipalities are curious and have a positive attitude towards opening wet parks in cities. Both citizens and administrations are ready to take ownership and make an effort to manage the water. It is therefore important that the same solutions are not used over the next ten years:

"The danger is that we create a fleeting fad, where we establish a small range of solutions over large areas in a short period of time. Our focus should be on continuing to grow, innovative thinking and developing new products as well as insisting on having a public debate, " says Rikke Hedegaard Jeppesen.

The main speakers at 'Day of Architecture'

Among the keynote speakers were Herbert Dreiseitl, architect and owner of Atelier Dreiseitl, which is an international innovative design studio in Germany and the French architect, Charles Bessard, from the renowned architectural firm Powerhouse Company.

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