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Nuclear approvals for friction welded couplers

Friction welded couplers from Hy-Ten have gained nuclear approval. CARES, the reinforcement steel certification authority has tested the couplers under TA1-C type A standard for use in nuclear facilities. The product is now fully certified to comply with the standards of BNFL and to meet the requirements of Sellafield Ltd. The approved products, standard couplers type HT(S) and positional couplers, types HT(P) and (EP), are manufactured at Hy-Ten's Liverpool factory under a stringent ISO9000 quality assurance system. The factory also complies with ISO14000 environmental standards.

The nuclear industry approvals are for re-bars in the 16mm to 40mm diameter range. In addition to their great strength, contractors have noted how the Hy-Ten product produced higher productivity and quality in the completed construction. In non-nuclear installations, where jointed coupling of vertical re-bars is not mandatory, Hy-Ten's friction welded couplers permit significant steel savings by eliminating overlaps.

Grant Dean, HT products divisional manager, commented, "HT friction welded couplers have been enthusiastically adopted by the civil engineers and frame contractors. Nuclear approval allows us to offer the product to construction companies operating in this sector and is further verification of the quality of the product and the consistency of our manufacturing systems."

The HT range of couplers is manufactured on CNC high speed friction welding machines. This technique, widely used in automotive and aerospace industries, produces a joint of great strength achieving 100 per cent bar-break in tests. In comparison to conventional multi-part threaded couplers, Hy-Ten's friction welded couplers are also competitive.

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