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MCI POWR extends the life of reinforced concrete structures

MCI POWR is a water-based, penetrating alkylalkoxy silanecontaining Cortec's Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor (MCI )technology. MCI POWR is specifically designed to protect new and existing concrete structures against the damaging effects of moisture intrusion, freeze/thaw scaling, chloride-ion (salt) intrusion, as well as oil and water staining. The small molecule size of MCI POWR allows deep penetration into concrete and provides repellency bychemically reacting with the cementitious substrate when properly applied.

Treated substrates are hydrophobicand retain their original appearance, allowing the concrete to breathe. Once applied, MCI POWR not only provides water repellency, but also protects concrete from oil and water staining. Added MCI technology allowsthis product to penetrate to embedded reinforcement where it forms a protective, monomolecular, corrosion-inhibiting layer.

MCI POWR is easily applied by spray, brush, roller, or squeegee and is oil and water-resistant within 24 hours. It is on-toxic, contains no nitrites, phosphates, or chromates. It is recommended for application to bridges, highways, parking decks, concrete floors, and other concrete structures exposed to oils, grease, and water.

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