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Eco-friendly asphalt patching product

News highlights: Aquaphalt contains no harmful solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds); Aquaphalt reacts with common water and is environmentally friendly; Aquaphalt is the first truly permanent asphalt patching product on the market; Aquaphalt has been developed and successfully used in Europe for over a decade. Finally there is a truly green, environmentally friendly asphalt patching product available in the United States. Aquaphalt permanent asphalt patch will be officially launched in the U.S. at ConExpo in Las Vegas in March, 2011.

Asphalt a sticky, black, highly-viscous liquid that is present in most forms of crude petroleum is inherently unfriendly to the environment. The most common use of asphalt is in road construction, where it is used as the binder for aggregate particles (stone, sand and gravel) used for paving.

Aquaphalt, on the other hand, features a revolutionary, proprietary "green" binder that reacts and hardens permanently with only common water. Aquaphalt contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are commonly found in all other types of asphalt materials.

Aquaphalt is designed as a permanent patching material for repairing potholes and other types of asphalt or concrete pavement damage. It applies equally well in all weather conditions and hardens quickly to form a permanent repair as strong or stronger than the surrounding pavement. Other currently available "cold-patch" asphalt products provide only temporary solutions to potholes and must eventually be replaced by permanent pavement materials.

Aquaphalt will be produced and distributed by Roadstone Production, a Virginia-based company, under license from Vialit Asphalt headquartered in Austria.

Aquaphalt is currently being sold in several mid-Atlantic states by Hi-Tech Asphalt Solutions of Mechanicsville, Virginia, a provider of innovative asphalt manufacturing products and solutions.

"We're excited to be launching the first truly environmentally-friendly asphalt patching product available in the United States," says Roadstone Production, LLC chief executive Blair Williamson. "Our Aquaphalt product, which has been developed and used successfully for many years in Europe and the U.K. by our Vialit partners, is safer to use and far superior in quality to the asphalt cold-patch products typically available in the U.S."

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