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Sky Pro Window Cleaning System

The new, Sky Pro Window Cleaning System, manufactured by NuStar, Inc., can safely clean a building in a fraction of the time of conventional washing. The Sky Pro system is a completely self-contained, self-climbing washing system that operates from existing roof rigs, davit arms, tracks, or from the unique Sky Pro "4-Wheel" steering rig. Just push the wireless remote up or down to clean. The Sky Pro system cleans the windows, frames and the entire building, removing deteriorating residue to extend the life not only of the windows and frames, but of the entire building.

Ultra pure water leaves windows free from chemical and mineral residue that attracts air-borne contaminants and pollutants. This process leaves windows spot free. No chemicals or cleaning solutions are required, saving you even more money. See how the system works in these videos. Complete specifications are in a free brochure.

The patented pendulum design allows the Sky Pro system to wash high-rises completely from the top of the building without ground lines, hoses or cables. The apparatus is built of heavy gauge aluminum to last for years. Its motors are rated to 10,000 hours. The unique, patented heavy-duty "raindrop" nozzles create and apply large de-ionized water droplets only to the surface to be cleaned. This reduces spray, drifting and water consumption.

Sky Pro window cleaning equipment is available in standard 8', 12', and 16' models or can be customized to meet any requirements. The system travels at a rate of 35 feet per minute. It can be safely operated from on top of a building or from the ground by wireless remote control. The return on investment can be as little as one year.

Sky Pro Window Cleaning System is the perfect automatic window washing solution for high-rise window cleaning services and commercial building owners.

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