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Attractive solution for constant temperature monitoring

E-Senza offers an attractive solution for constant temperature monitoring in cold stores, store rooms or refrigerated transports. With appropriate wireless sensors it is also possible to control more parameters; also existing sensors could be integrated by wireless adapters. These solutions offer significant advantages especially for energy optimization in data centers and greenhouses, as well as for chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories. New fields of application are generated almost every day.

The measured values can be collected in a cost- efficient way. They can be made available sooner, more precise and more comprehensive than it was possible until now. Ensuring regulatory requirements without great effort, the automatic alarm reports allow you to react quickly if deviations from required values occur.

The Portfolio of SenzaNET consists of hardware and software products and guarantees an efficient connection to existing systems. E-Senza's SenzaBlocks are easy- to- install sensors nodes which collect data in preset intervals. Through a self- organized network, these measured values are sent to a gateway.

The gateway ("SenzaGate") manages the network and provides safety functions as well as realizing the connection to automation systems or to a web server over the internet. The remote access can also be established over a GPRS connection.

The product portfolio is completed by the web- based SenzaWMS software: it has an intuitive user interface that enables a convenient management of several networks and all sensors. For the integration into existing infrastructures you can choose from a range of interfaces such as SQL, ODBC and data export.

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