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Schindler elevator meets need for green products

Schindler Elevator Corporation is seeing enduring demand for its hydraulic elevator products. Offering a complete holeless solution for a wide range of low-rise applications, including office buildings, retail locations, hotels, hospitals, schools and more, Schindler's 330A hydraulic elevator system features an advanced, eco-friendly design that completely eliminates the below-grade jack-hole.

The Schindler 330A telescoping jack system features above ground hydraulics mounted directly on the floor of a simple, self-contained pit, thereby eliminating the need for drilling holes in the ground and avoiding the potential for below-ground leaks. As the elevator ascends, all stages of the telescoping pistons extend in smooth synchronization, producing a solid and comfortable ride for passengers. Since the jack design only has minimal interface with the hoistway, it greatly simplifies installation in existing structures and reduces hoistway preparation in new buildings.

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