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New Bloxide rust-preventive weld-through primer

Tempil introduced Bloxide, an aluminized rust-preventive weld-through primer. The product is suitable for application on blast-cleaned steel plates and sections in marine construction and maintenance. It is applicable for nuclear fabrication as it is free from lead, sulfur, zinc, cadmium, mercury, chlorine and other halogens. It may be applied on all steels including high tensile, carbon moly and chrome moly. Bloxide is available in quarts, gallons, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums, as well as the aerosol cans for touch-up use. Bloxide is used to protect steel surfaces from rust, especially where extended periods of outside storage are anticipated.

It protects prepared edges and surfaces prior to welding and other heat-joining methods, eliminating the need for secondary weld preparation on steel parts such as grinding, sand blasting, etc. The aluminized product serves as an excellent weld-through primer for paint and other coatings and can be applied by brush, dip or spray with no special equipment or training. It is temperature-resistant to 800F, and covers approximately 800 sq ft per gallon.

Weldable Bloxide allows welders to strike an arc directly on the coating without removing the product. It is an aid to reducing porosity and pinholing. It leaves no residue or slag, and the aluminum-rich product assists in achieving X-ray quality welds.

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