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New CRL glass saw kit from Laurence

C.R. Laurence introduced the CRL 18-volt cordless diamond glass saw kit. The 18-volt cordless saw is portable, and operator movement is not restricted by cords or hoses. It has adjustable depth control and will plunge, straight and angle cut glass from " to " thick. The kit includes a 3-liter pressure tank to hold the coolant or water; a 120-volt, alternating-current, 1-hour battery charger; a straight-edge guide for making parallel cuts; a quart of coolant; and a carrying case. The saw utilizes a 5 3⁄8" diamond blade and a pressurized coolant system with an easy-disconnect feature.

A manifold system delivers the coolant to the cutting edge of the diamond blade. The saw also has a polycarbonate base to provide a smooth cutting surface and to avoid scratching of mirror surfaces.

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