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RAD2 Remote Angle Display System from Rieker

Rieker Electronics introduces The RAD2 Remote Angle Display System with new rugged sensor options for line array positioning. This handheld battery powered digital LCD display box can be matched with a number of Rieker rugged sensors, which can then be used to coordinate multiple remote speaker locations. Both sensor and display box use standard type audio XLR cord plug connectors for easy connection. In most cases, the sensors are permanently mounted on the speakers with cables running down to the floor. The cable connector is then plugged into the display box as needed.

The sensor ranges come in either 30 or 70. The display can be calibrated to anywhere within the total range of the sensors specified. The REL button, Relative Zero, allows the operator to temporarily zero the digital readout to obtain relative angle changes. The Min/Max function provides the smallest and largest angle the device has sensed since it was last reset. The optional Relative Difference function can be programmed to give the difference between the Top and Bottom sensors.

The RAD2 model is perfect for any application that requires remote angle sensing such as audio system alignment, lighting coordination, or platform leveling.

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