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Ground broken at site of world’s tallest TV-tower

The ground breaking ceremony for what will be the world’s tallest TV tower has taken place in Guangzhou, South China.

Information Based Architecture (IBA) and Arup worked collaboratively to win the commission for the design of the new TV Tower for the City of Guangzhou, which will be the host city for the 2010 Asian Games. The tower will be one of the tallest buildings in the world - reaching 610m in height and is hoped will attract 10 000 visitors daily.

The international competition was held in 2004 for the design of the tower, a 17.9ha park at its base and the masterplan for the surrounding 56.6ha which includes an elevated Plaza, pagoda-park, retail facilities, offices, television centre and hotel.

The interior of the tower will be subdivided into programmatic zones with various functions including: TV and radio transmission facilities, observatory decks, revolving restaurants, computer gaming, restaurants, exhibition spaces, conference rooms, shops and 4D cinemas.

The design further emphasizes the outdoor and physical experience for the visitor. The waist of the tower contains a 180m long open-air skywalk where visitors can experience the towers structure and narrow waist-line from close by. There are outdoor gardens set within the structure, and at the top at +450m, a large open air observation landscape opens up magnificent views over the city.

Spatially the tower reads like a series of mini-buildings hung within the super-structure, with ‘mega spaces’ in between These mega-spaces in between the mini-buildings are in fact floating gardens each varying in atmosphere; transparent, light and open at the base, and more closed and shaded at the waist of the tower.

The new TV tower is due to be completed at end 2009 and will be opened for tourism in 2010. The broadcasting of the Asian Games 2010 will be from this New TV Tower.

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