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New Silverstar ENplus insulating glass

With the new 1,1 Silverstar ENplus insulating glass, Euroglas offers a coating design that combines extraordinary colour neutrality with outstanding technical values. The result is an elegant street appeal with high light transmission and heat gain as a plus.

ENplus, the latest innovation in the Silverstar line of insulating glass products, blends excellent energy properties with a superb exterior view: the coating design, which consists of a combination of very thin silver and metal oxide layers, ensures an elegant, colour neutral glass view. The latter supports, in suitable weather conditions, natural reproduction of the sky colours. Moreover, the extremely high colour rendering index Ra of 97% ensures that the colours of objects behind the glass are perceived virtually unchanged. This true colour rendering results from the considerable amount of light that enters the room, i.e., 80%. An even higher light transmission can be achieved in combination with Eurowhite, the extra white float glass. If an incidence of light of 90% or higher is to be obtained, the combination with Luxar anti-reflection glass is recommended. Apart from its convincing optical properties, the glass has a guaranteed u-value of 1.1 W/mK according to the new European standard, making it a true energy saver. Passive solar energy gains thanks to the optimised total light transmittance of 60% provide pleasant living comfort.

The colour neutral Silverstar ENplus belongs to the family of high-tech all-round glasses. With its peak values for thermal insulation and recognised neutral aesthetics, the glass is suitable for use in both housing construction and design solutions. Its capabilities can be further enhanced with sound insulation and safety functions.

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